sohum sutras

Green Diagonal Floral Patan Patola saree

Rs. 115,000.00

Patan Patolas are luxurious heritage weaves. Each pattern is more than 800 years old. These are timeless classics and heirloom pieces. 

These classic beauties are centuries old. In double ikat sarees, both the warp and the weft are pre-dyed before weaving. As a result both the front and back are identical. The saree has two pallus and no blouse. Weaving these requires a lot of mathematical calculations and skill. These sarees take almost a year to weave.

The handloom aficionados and connoisseurs who value this art form and invest in this piece of wearable art, not only acquire a collector's timeless beauty but also support the handloom weavers to continue to pursue this centuries-old tradition of India.

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