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Double Ikat Patan Patola White Navratan Design Saree

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Introducing our exquisite Double Ikat Patan Patola saree in a stunning shade of white. This saree features a captivating Navratan design, showcasing the rich craftsmanship and heritage of Patan Patola. Handwoven with precision and care, this saree is a true masterpiece of artistry and tradition. Elevate your style with the timeless elegance of Patan Patola, perfect for special occasions or making a statement wherever you go. Explore our collection and embrace the beauty of this heritage craft.

Product Details:

Material: Double Ikat Patan Patola
Color: White
Design: Navratan Design
Perfect for: Special occasions, Traditional events
Shop now and experience the elegance of Double Ikat Patan Patola!

Note: Each saree is unique and may vary slightly in design and color placement.

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