Kani Kashmiri Inspired Pure Katan Silk Kaduwa Weave Jangla Jaal Saree

Rs. 29,000.00

Experience the timeless beauty of Kani, a masterpiece that showcases the rich heritage of Kashmiri craftsmanship. This exquisite saree is crafted from pure katan silk, offering a luxurious feel and a stunning visual appeal. The intricate kaduwa weave jangla jaal pattern adorns the entire saree, creating a mesmerizing display of artistry that speaks volumes about the skill and dedication of the artisans.

The Kani saree is designed with a kadiyal border and pallu, adding a touch of traditional elegance to its overall look. The kadiyal technique involves weaving the border separately and then attaching it to the main body of the saree, ensuring a seamless and exquisite finish. The border and pallu are adorned with intricate designs, complementing the jangla jaal pattern and enhancing the saree's beauty.

Accompanying this saree is an all-over soft silk brocade blouse, perfectly matching the rich and intricate design of the saree. The blouse is crafted with the same attention to detail, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious look. Wearing this Kani saree allows you to carry a piece of Kashmiri heritage with you, wrapped in the luxurious embrace of pure katan silk and adorned with the timeless beauty of traditional weaves.

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